Blue Moon Theatre Company has
been devising and performing shows
for children and family audiences in theatre, schools
and on the festival circuit since 1999.
We can also supply drama and educational based workshops.

TChildrens theatre showshe company,which is made up of four core members consists of :

  • Steve Apelt
  • Su Squire
  • Kerry Seymour
  • Mark Scott-Ison

Between them, the players share an extensive background in children’s theatre, storytelling, music, magic, teaching and theatre in education.

Technical production, including sound and lighting design is engineered and created by Dan Gale and publicity and artwork by Sue Webber.

The company has worked with various freelance actors, writers & musicians who include Christina Smith, Bronwen Harrison, Sue Ovendon and Zöe Hughes. Collaboration and booking management is provided by Phillip Bond & PMB Productions.

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