Community events, Small Festivals,
Family Fun Days are the most exciting
part of Steve's year.

As well as being part of the organising team, on the day Steve will be one of the
first there helping to set up the event. Then taking on the role or presenter.

"We are really very grateful to you for providing such
fantastic entertainment for the children. They look forward to it each summer."

"Brilliant fun for all,nice to be outside and enjoying the fresh air,well done organiser's."
Happy Mum!

"I love Play Days in the Park it's sooooo much fun,I really enjoyed myself."
Chloe age 6

"This is now our third year, the kids love every minute and can't wait for the summer. Funtime in the Park with Steve is fantastic."
Chandler Family

"We are from Australia and have had so much fun here. How fantastic to have a computer/TV free day for all the kids. My 4 year old had a ball!"
The Greave's from Down Under