Founded in 2004 by the artistic team
behind Bluemoon Theatre, Scratch Productions
has now taken over all of the company's street theatre.

The major relaunch took place at the Glastonbury Festival ‘07 when, despite mud and rain, the Village Fete and Sleeping Neighbours were premiered.

Scratch Productions offers a number of different walkabout street theatre pieces to suit all occasions, all highly visual and humorous with plenty of audience participation.

Happy   Campers ImageHappy Campers

What could be more bracing than an adventure under canvas? The happy campers love nothing more than to pitch their tent wherever their weary legs may carry them, be it field, street or shopping precinct; they're really not fussy. 'I love to go a wandering....'

The   Ministry Of Meaningless Measurements ImageThe Ministry Of Meaningless Measurements

How long is your nose? What is the cubic capacity of your left shoe? Does the decibel level of your cough fall within official ministry guidelines? The Ministry Of Meaningless Measurements is on the case, and woe betide anyone who dares flout ministry regulations!

Cows On   The Moooooove ImageCows On The Moooooove

A bunch of bovine buddies find themselves at large in the human community, all dressed up with no place to go. Down with those pesky humans!

Valet-While-You-Wait ImageValet-While-You-Wait

Personal grooming on the move by the gorgeous Maurice and his lovely blonde and beehived assistants Candice, Cherise and Caprice. Shirt and tie pressing, jacket vacuuming, trouser buffing; it's all part of the service.

Executive Stress ImageExecutive Stress

Suited and booted, they lurk in the crowd, relieving the stress of a busy executive lifestyle in a number of unusual ways! Briefcase-balancing, nose picking, leap frogging and face pulling to name but a few.

Olympics of Obscurity ImageOlympics of Obscurity

Prepare to be stunned by amazing displays of dazzling sporting prowess as athletes from far-flung corners of the globe compete in some lesser-known sporting events such as Olympic Tree Hugging, International flirting and the 20 mtrs Equestrian Sprint (no horses involved).

The company carries full public liability insurance.
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