Magical Musical Bike

From The Depth of Blue Moon Theatre Company & Scratch Productions Comes Steve’s New Solo Street Performance

Prepare to be stunned by the Magical Musical Bike as it comes around the corner at your festival, event, street party or corporate event.

Quirky, eye catching, full of fun, what comes out of the box will amaze you! Fantastic 70/80’s or present day groves, chalk workshops, silly games, bubbles, event announcements and lots of audience participation!

The bike can be adapted in many different ways, even hosting the gorgeous and eccentric maurice.

  • Smoke for Halloween Events with spookie music
  • Lights and Christmas Music for the festive season
  • DJ sessions on the move
  • As a ground base for children’s workshops (circus or art based)

The Front compartment of the bike houses a Yamaha EMX powered amp plus Yamaha AX10 speakers, Sennheiser radio mics and Denon CD playback, all powered by a leisure battery and a 600w inverter. This delivers first class sound.